2018 Summer Camp



Hello, everyone! Good news!! From Monday (8/13/2018) to Friday (8/17/2018), we have famous Chinese painters visiting us and having close contact with our children.

Students who pay a year’s tuition are free of charge

Course Hours,

  • Monday 2:00-8:00pm,
  • Tuesday 2:00pm-6:00pm,
  • Wednesday 12:00-6:00pm,
  • Friday 6:00-8:00pm!

Course Content:

  • Powder Figure, Painting Scenery,
  • Chinese Painting,
  • Oil Painting Show, etc.

Please make an appointment for everyone!!

Once a year. Don’t miss it!! If you don’t pay the annual fee, you’ll have to pay the time charge!

At the same time this week started the 7th grade above scholastic art contest, there is time to spend more time in this competition!! Thank you!

Lots of News

Congratulations to Marcus Zheng!!!

he have won 1st place in the google doodle competition. He is the youngest in winners.

MARCH 18TH 2017


Our 11 pieces artworks won ART contest award.

March 16th 2017

      Good news!!!!👍👍👍👍

We got the two sliver medals of 2017 national scholastic art and writing award.  Will be in New York soon.

March 25th 2017



Kimmly Qin who is one of students in Sunday class. She got four artschool admissions and scholarship. Finally She chose to Ringling art school and she also got $23000 scholarship. 👍👍👍

     A Dream Come True!


International Scholastic Art Contest

The Scholastic Art Contest is an international level art contest that recieves over 320,000

applications annually across 14 different categories or art.

This year, one of our students was awarded a gold medal, which is the top 1%. They were even invited to the ceremony in Washington DC, where

the artwork will be displayed. Also from the studio, there were 3 gold keys, 3 silver keys, 5 honorable mentions, and Best in Country Recognition in Middle School.

Graduation Party

Every year, there are a few students who graduate from high school, and they also graduate from the studio, as they go on to college. We also have a few special speakers, students who have already graduated. They share their experiences from the past and the present to the parents, gives great advice.