About the Studio

Longlong Art Studio was founded on this notion: for both the amateurs and the artistically experienced to have a place to lose themselves in art. Under the direction of artist Longlong Zhou, students are encouraged to imagine, explore, experiment, and expand. Initially catered towards children in the K-12 program. Mrs. Zhou currently also offers adult courses for people who want to spend their free time enriching their minds with the beautiful art they produce. This program is perfect for any committed student who loves art, whether they wish to just have a creative outlet or to submit their work to international competitions.


Longlong Art Studio is dedicated to providing a creative learning environment for our students and exchanging culture and art through youth art education. Through art we are able to

promote cultrual diversity in the local community and to provide an environment that encourages cultural and social intergration of Asian Americans in the local area

Teaching Style

Imagination is the best gift of childhood and the window through which each of us view the world. Imagination is also the source of creativity, something the world needs more than ever today. Most “outof-box” ideas are created from imagination. It has been proven that childen who develop their imagination will be more likely to suceed in the future. 

Our teaching style focuses on three points: inspiring children’s imaginations, encouraging cooperation between students, and tailoring our lessons to match each student’s personal style. Drawing stimulates creativity and helps the brain develop Longlong challenges each student with various topics to spark their imagination. Making drawing fun and interesting, students use drawing to depict the stories and dreams in their minds. Because they take inspiration from their imaginations, students create unique pictures that represents their innerselves.


Students are constantly challenged with various topics. They are taught leadership and cooperation through group projects. These skills are transferrable to all parts of life. Our students are accomplished both academically and artistically, winning numberous national and international art awards. Each year multiple students win medals in contests such as the Scolastic Art Contest, other national contests, and state contests and other competitions.  Our student’s art have been showcased in high-profile art shows in schools, such as in the Troy Community Center, the Troy Public Library, Oakland County government building, the Charlotte History Art Museum, and the U.S department of Education building. The public are always appreciative about our artworks and gives us positive feedback.