2018 Summer Camp



Hello, everyone! Good news!! From Monday (8/13/2018) to Friday (8/17/2018), we have famous Chinese painters visiting us and having close contact with our children.

Students who pay a year’s tuition are free of charge

Course Hours,

  • Monday 2:00-8:00pm,
  • Tuesday 2:00pm-6:00pm,
  • Wednesday 12:00-6:00pm,
  • Friday 6:00-8:00pm!

Course Content:

  • Powder Figure, Painting Scenery,
  • Chinese Painting,
  • Oil Painting Show, etc.

Please make an appointment for everyone!!

Once a year. Don’t miss it!! If you don’t pay the annual fee, you’ll have to pay the time charge!

At the same time this week started the 7th grade above scholastic art contest, there is time to spend more time in this competition!! Thank you!

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