The LongLong Art Studio offers a variety of classes that reaches out to everyone. Each class will have its own unique style and difficulty.

Beginner class

The beginner class is the class to start off as. It is mostly smaller children, in which they learn the basics of many drawing techniques, including sketch, paint, and oil pastel.

Sketch 1/2

Sketch 1 and sketch 2 are both classes that focuses mainly on sketching techniques. Students will learn to use pencil, charcoal, and pen to sketch faces, animals, and still-life.

Beginner Paint  class

There is also a class that focuses on paint. Students can paint landscapes, animals, or their own imaginative creation.

Advanced   class

After beginner, advanced class is where students will learn to improve on the basics. They will acquire a better understanding on the different techniques and start to learn more advanced art.

Small Group

Small group is a class where there are only 5 or 6 people, so each student gets more attention. The teacher herself picks these 5 or 6 people, and help improve their skills.

Adult Class

There is also a class for adults who still want to enjoy art. This class isn’t all about contests and competitions, it is more of a class to enjoy painting or sketching.