Students of Longlong Art Studio should register on this website ( and fill the student registration form. The student information will only be used by the art studio, like registering in competition in for the student, and administrative purposes, and will not be released to other people.

A student should first register as a “guest” member on the website. After logging in as a “guest” member, the student should fill the “Member Profile Form“, and the “Student Registration Form“. The web administrator will be notified immediately once the forms are filled. After the student identity is confirmed, the “guest” membership will be upgraded to “student” membership.

The registration procedure is outlined below.

On home page, click “Member Portal” button, which will bring to membership page, and prompt for registration.

On registration page, fill in all the fields to get registered as a “guest” member.

Log in as a “guest” member, you will see buttons of “Profile” and “Student Registration Form”, which links to the form submission pages.

Fill the forms with valid information and submit. The manager will check the registered information. Once identified as students in the studio, the “guest” membership will be upgraded to “student” membership. You can always come back to check your status and update your information whenever it is necessary.